Was gonna’ go to church today.

I kept hittin’ snooze.

I wanted to go.

I haven’t been lately.


I was worn out last night.

I was worn out this morning.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s bothersome that I condemned myself.

“You should be at church.”

“Why can’t you just get out of bed.”

Watch what you say.

Watch what you post on social media.

I kept thinking of those religious memes.

(Insert Kermit the frog drinking tea: “You can go to a concert on Saturday, but can’t make it to church at 10am on Sunday. But that’s none of my business.”)

It is your business.

If you want people in church.

Don’t condemn them.

Are you superior because you’re at church at 9:45am every Sunday?


At 5:45pm every Wednesday.


Religious people who post on social media.

Are they better?

Are you better because you’re at church every Sunday and Wednesday?

Are you better because you post condemning material on social media?

What makes you superior?


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