I painted this during worship. I sensed and felt a river moving through in the spirit along with fire.
A river moving through.



light cannot be hidden. be your light.
light cannot be hidden. be your light.






fire of God
The fire of God (is) Here.



Holding My Heart Up
I painted this while listening to music and the image popped into my head. Sometimes I feel as if I am having to hold my heavy heart up all by myself.



quenching the Holy Spirit.
Let us not quench the Holy Spirit. He is wanting to pour out, but we have our hands on the flow. Let go.



Acrylic painting.
Being pruned, growing, and producing fruit.



New Thing.
doing a new thing.


Ending and Beginning
An End can be ugly, but at the end there is always a new beginning- yet maybe painful.



“Lifeline. Hope. Growth. An Anchor in the Sea.”



God With us.
God is with us, Always.



Walking on my Heart
“People will walk on your heart. Let them. Love them. People will hurt you. Let them. Love them. Keep an open heart. It’s hard, yet rewarding. If you close off your heart, you’ll never know how to love. Life is nothing without genuine love.”



Walking out the … UnWingding.
I painted this while listening to music. God is showing me that, “I’m Walking out the … UnWinding.”



I painted this before I made a decision to go into full-time ministry. I was listening to worship music and God surely put me in a place where I had to place my trust solely in Him.



Jesus is in the Waves.
I was going through a difficult time, feeling as if the tide was going to over take me, but God said, “No, I will not let you drown!”




Being free.
I was trying to quit smoking and the problem seemed bigger than I could overcome. I was prompted to paint this picture and I can see the problem dissipating.




Potter's Wheel.
I was going through a tough time and God showed me that the best place to be is on His wheel- being molded and perfected into His image.



Painting on Toms.
Was just having fun with TOMS and I’d love to paint some of yours’. Let me know!



Mighty river rushing through.
“There may be mountains, but they can be moved. A mighty river is rushing through.”



The Cross.
“The Cross does prevail.”



It is well with my Soul!
A Special Request…”It is well with my SOUL.”




Cedars of Lebanon.
The Truth of God’s word WILL be implanted into this earth and stand FIRM as the cedars of Lebanon.




The piece “Heaven” now has a custom-designed frame from Custom Framing in Gaffney, South Carolina.




Siesta Key -Sarasota, FLA; The first realistic piece I have done.




His eyes are as flames of fire.
His eyes are as flames of fire. They penetrate my heart.





Hope is alive.
Hope…IS still available. His name is…Jesus.




Darkness won't prevail.
Jesus’ light WINS.





There is freedom in Jesus.





Christ increases, I decrease.
I decrease and CHRIST increases. His trein fills the temple of our hearts. Christ is all-mighty! He is supreme. It is all about HIM!




Abstract- Psalm 34.
“Psalm 34”




There is healing in time of need.





Psalm 91- Abstract art.
Psalm 91. “You can and will find protection, hope, refuge, shelter, love, comfort, mercy, grace, loving-kindness, and fire beneath HIS wings. He is your protector! Nothing shall by any means harm you: Nothing.”




Abstract Christmas art.




Abstract art- Anxiety.
I painted this during a dark/depressed time. I felt downcast. God reminded me to cast all of my cares and anxieties upon Him.




Abstract art -God breaks chains.
God BREAKS chains. HE is the vine and we are the branches. There is FIRE …IN… Him!




Visions of Heaven.
I see visions of Heaven, but I cannot begin to paint the beauty that I see. Here is the beginning of that process.




Growing- Abstract art.
What is growing within your heart that will soon burst open to the surface?



The Light and darkness of God.
“He causes the darkness to hide and the light of His glory to shine upon our faces…He carries us!”




“it’s not about me.”




The potter is God
Let the Potter have HIS perfect work IN you. Yes, it HURTS, but it is worth it all.




Abstract art- warfare
The darkness will not overtake you. The fire shall not burn you and the rivers shall not sweep you up and carry you away.




Abstract art- revival and emotions
His trein fills the temple. His rain is coming and the revival is here. His blood covers us.




No more bondage- you are free!
I painted this when I felt bound, but hopeful. I know Jesus will not allow me to stay bound by a yoke of slavery.




Abstract art- healing
I don’t always understand, but GOD does.





God's light in the darkness
Jesus is ALWAYS the light in the midst of the darkness; ALWAYS.






The bride. His Church.
I saw this in my head and had to paint it. “You dance around me when I am unaware.” I began to see a ring symbolizing marriage to Christ and then I proceeded to see a bride and the Holy Ghost dancing around the bride. We are the BRIDE of Christ. Isaiah 62:5





Where is your treasure?
Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. Mathew 6:21





Facing the Giants- abstract art
Do not be afraid of your “giants” and face them. Jesus is with you every step of the way!





I will never leave you says Jesus.
Jesus Christ will never leave you. You may “feel” alone, but you are NEVER alone.




“Released.” It started out at Jesus’ hands and the world, but I think He wanted me to know that my vision to go into all the world to preach the gospel was heard.




The Son. God will carry us.
The “son.”




In the storm, God is with you.
Jesus is there with you in the storm.




I was having a vision of Jesus coming out of the clouds and us welcoming Him with palm branches declaring, “Hosanna!” What I saw in my head could not be put onto a canvas so I painted this. The beauty of what I saw could not be produced.




It is finished.
This was painted to remind me that there is freedom from self-mutilation at the cross of Jesus Christ. His cleansing waters flow over me and the radiance of His face shines upon us.




Holy is the Lord.
Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God All-Mighty.





Grafted heart.
Think about your heart being grafted with the heart of God; amazing.




Jesus is my savior.
Jesus Christ can deliver you from anything. I had to paint this to remind myself that I have been set free!




Let go and surrender.
Our hearts truly and wholeheartedly have to be given over and surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is so hard to “let go,” but it is worth it!





I painted this when I was coming out of darkness. I gave my life to Jesus and a war began.





Psalm 118:7- live and declare
I painted this as a request for a woman in my church. It is based off of Psalm 118:17




God is ...
We tend to forget God and how awesome He is so I painted this…

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