No matter what I’ve done. 

God sees me as his son.

God sees me as his child.

No matter what I do He doesn’t hate me.

He loves me.

His love is overwhelming.


He chose to have His Son die for us.

He loves us.

We are righteous.

We are children of God.





Not condemned, but cherished.

Not shamed, but loved.

God is With us, always.

I felt led to paint after listening to a sermon.  I cried a bit during the sermon and just went to paint after I finished listening and this is what happened.

God With us.
God is with us, Always.


You can watch that sermon here: http://www.desiringgod.org/sermons/the-risen-christ-his-peace-power-and-purpose

Ending and Beginning.

God only makes endings into beautiful beginnings.  In the midst of the pain He is beautiful.  In the midst of the pain He lives in me.  In the midst of the pain He is making all things new.  In the midst of the pain He is creating a new thing within me.  In the midst of the pain I like to love Him.  In the midst of my pain sometimes I’m upset with Him.  But, in the midst of my pain, God is still on His throne- Sovereign.

An End can be ugly, but at the end there is always a new beginning- yet maybe painful.

The Cross will Prevail.

A request by a client.  It was an original, but this is the first time I have reproduced something I have already painted.

-Thank you Cheryl!

The Cross Will Prevail
The Cross Will Prevail

A leap of Faith.

This year is a leap of Faith.  Tonight I was listening to “Oceans,” by Hillsong United and painted this …


All I want for 2014 is for the Lord’s will to be done completely in my life.  I have been searching for higher positions and more money, but the Lord has greater things.