Psalm 103. 

Forgives your iniquities.

Heals all your diseases.

 -No reason to doubt God. 



I felt as if I was falling and no one was going to catch me. I was listening to worship and the song was talking about the waves. I may have felt as if I was drowning, but God had me. You may not “feel” it, but he’s got you.

God is With us, always.

I felt led to paint after listening to a sermon.  I cried a bit during the sermon and just went to paint after I finished listening and this is what happened.

God With us.
God is with us, Always.


You can watch that sermon here:

A leap of Faith.

This year is a leap of Faith.  Tonight I was listening to “Oceans,” by Hillsong United and painted this …


All I want for 2014 is for the Lord’s will to be done completely in my life.  I have been searching for higher positions and more money, but the Lord has greater things.