God has a lesson in everyday things. He speaks to me in nature, similes, and metaphors . I’m creative so God shows me his creative side. My wife asked the florist to put succulents into her bouquet because I love them and grow them. These are the florists’ clippings from her bouquet and I’m propagating them. I felt they weren’t doing well so I lifted one out of the dirt and it had a tiny root . Another day passed and I questioned another succulent’s health so picked it from the soil and it too had a small root . Whatever process you’re going through- trust-god . When I picked the stems from the dirt and saw the roots God was like it’s like your own life. You might not “see” me or see what I’m doing but I’m in your process!

God is With us, always.

I felt led to paint after listening to a sermon.  I cried a bit during the sermon and just went to paint after I finished listening and this is what happened.

God With us.
God is with us, Always.


You can watch that sermon here:

A leap of Faith.

This year is a leap of Faith.  Tonight I was listening to “Oceans,” by Hillsong United and painted this …


All I want for 2014 is for the Lord’s will to be done completely in my life.  I have been searching for higher positions and more money, but the Lord has greater things.