I started in worship. Thinking of an assignment given to me by my counselor. “Self-work” is difficult when you’re searching your soul and heart. This is what I painted in worship while thinking about how I view myself and how God actually views me.

I see myself lowly, with low self-confidence, as if I’m not enough sometimes, as in the shadows viewing myself from the past, but God sees me “Big.” A man of God. His child. Loved and valued by Him. I have to see myself in His light as a man with confidence in front of others, in public, in critiques, -basically I have to apply how God sees me in all aspects of my life. I can no longer walk in the shadows of my past or in the way I view myself.

Here’s what I painted:


Was in worship yesterday at church service. After worship I doodled this:

The wind of the Lord was there. His presence was there. Winds of His grace.

The Cross will Prevail.

A request by a client.  It was an original, but this is the first time I have reproduced something I have already painted.

-Thank you Cheryl!

The Cross Will Prevail
The Cross Will Prevail